Visit. Announcement for the Albanian Pavilion at the 2016 Venice Biennale. Designed in collaboration with Joseph Pleass for Åbäke, development by Joseph Pleass.

Mobile version.

Visit. Bonus feature: this site can be embedded into any other site.

I also remotely collaborated on a TV spot with an art director in Albania that is running daily during the duration of the show.

Columbia GSAPP books site. I sketched on the site in its early stages while interning at Linked by Air, NYC. Online catalogue has an interactive ‘spine view.’ Printed catalogue front and back covers.

Visit. New Haven Building Archive site redesign, 2016.
(Client: Yale School of Architecture, Collaborator: Ben Fehrman-Lee)

Visit. And Or Forever is an environmental design studio based in New York. Each stair expands to show an individual project.

Visit. Website for The Distance Plan, an organization that advocates climate change awareness within the arts. Horizontal rules dividing each project, reveal a chronology of climate change history upon closer inspection.

Visit. Temporary site for the Red Bull Music Academy, development by Corey Tegeler. (Client: Other Means)

Rhode Island School of Design, web solication for contributors to a new design publication, Commons. The first issue is on the theme of intersections. (for With Projects, Inc.)

Visit. Web solication for contributors to Age Magazine. A document of the post-youth experience by women for women. (Client: Francesca Grassi)

Visit. Thesis show website with video documentation of signage. Text by Linda van Deursen. Site in collaboration with Rosen Tomov & Joshua Graver.

For our MFA thesis show More, each person in the class designed a printed billboard for the Green gallery and an LED version (which were up along the interstate freeways in the New Haven area.)

Video documentation (installed in the front room of Green Gallery during the show): shot and edited in colloration with Megan Billman.

I was able to procure security cam footage from the billboard company of each billboard, which we integrated into the documentation of the project.

An outdoor LED billboard on the I-95 North was an image of the back of my head.

Visit. Web announcement.

2015 But Who's Counting. Identity for the Yale MFA Painting Thesis Show. Website, signage, email announcement, postcards. In Collaboration with Yotam Hadar.

Visit. Ride through Google Maps street view on a horse, a shopping cart, a cookie...and more.

Visit & Visit. Animated gifs for the New York Times online column 'What in the World.'

Animated GIF announcements for a lecture series at the Yale Digital Media Center for the Arts shot with a Bebop drone. Topics include surveillance and new technologies.

Animated GIF and video for the Halt Action Group Dear Ivanka Instagram campaign. (for With Projects, Inc.)

Invitation for the White Zinfandel magazine launch. (for With Projects, Inc.)

A hand painted alphabet.

For the Yale University Art Gallery exhibition Everything is Dada, the graphic design department of the museum was asked to create a room of the exhibition. My contribution was a commissioned sign painted by Mike French (of Signs of Life, Phoenix, Arizona), an animation made of deteriorating xerox duplicates of an image of Marcel Duchamp, and an 'Art is Dead' poster.

Logo for Homegrown Pictures, a production company in Los Angeles.

Left Right Up Down Back Front Forward Backward In Out Center Mirror. Yale MFA Thesis Book, 2016. Single signature black and white, containing my work (recto) paired with reference images (verso.)
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Seven Autobiographical Accounts of Living in New York. Excerpts from seven first-person texts written by famous New Yorkers running parallel on left and right pages.

Paprika is a weekly single fold newspaper published by students of the Yale School of Architecture. Issue Editor: Dante Furioso

A Foot On The Table. Risograph book containing crops of an image of Muriel Cooper at a meeting at MIT Press, c. 1972.
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Pamphlet for Minerva Gallery, Sydney, Australia for the show Fiona Connor, Sydney de Jong, Audrey Wollen.

Open Video Call. Postcard for the Institute of Contemporary Art Philadelphia. Made while interning at Other Means studio, NYC.

MFA: Yale University School of Art, Graphic Design (2016)
BFA: Wesleyan University, Photography (2009)
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